These are a few most asked questions by clients who are interested about our brand and want to know more. Most of our clients already know us enough through our products, merch, advertising or different experiences that have left them interested in getting or buying our products.

Alien labs is here to answer some simple but important frequently asked questions when it comes to Alien labs.

Most frequent question – Customer

Once you place your order, you will get notified by a message to confirm and complete your payment online. With multiple agents and swift responses, clients can make payment for their orders without needing to wait for long queues.

Alien labs is here for online orders worldwide with fast delivery.

Alien labs will deliver all orders that are purchased from us online or offline. We deliver orders with doorstep deliver or a wide but accurate range of delivery. This range includes national and international shipping to many locations worldwide.

Delivery time is very important to some clients and with this, we have been cautious to create two different payment options and classes to allow clients pay different fees depending on how soon they want to receive their orders.

Fiirst off Alien labs is a real brand with many reviews from clients worldwide. Alien labs does not use dangerous chemicals in growing and extraction. Alien labs uses top quality techniques for extraction and indoor growing on our farms.

Yes, although Alien labs has many brand ambassadors and retailers world wide but we still accept retailers. We are grateful to the brands that advertise our products and sell them from their shops and we are. still ready welcome many to come in the future.